Wednesday Night Adult Bible Studies begin 9/06 at 6:30pm
Wed. Bible Studies are listed below, email info@gpf.church for more information!

Experiencing God-

Blackaby says Christians often ask the wrong question: “What is God’s will for my life?” What they should be asking, he says, is, “What is God’s will?” “Learn to hear when God is speaking to you. Find out where God is working and join Him. “Rather than emphasizing a process, Experiencing God emphasizes a relationship with God. COED | WORKBOOK $12 | LED BY JIMMY MCDONALD & DAVID GOMEZ

MasterLife 1: The Disciple’s Cross-

A Bible Study that helps you experience life in Christ through practicing six identified biblical disciplines: spending time with the Master, living in the Word, praying in faith, fellowshipping with believers, witnessing to the world, and ministering to others. COED | WORKBOOK $12 | LED BY GARY LADD

The Parables of Jesus-

Simple stories to provide a more profound lesson or teaching. From the divine wisdom of Jesus Christ, we can learn transcendent, everlasting truths in the simple parables of the Bible. COED | FREE | LED BY NATHAN SLITER

Biblical Citizenship-

A journey through the Bible & American history to rediscover the secret sauce that produces a prosperous society when Biblical principles are applied. We will visit experts across the Nation, visit the amazing library of David Barton where we’ll find the world’s largest private collection of America’s Founding Era documents, and then we’ll dive into the U.S. Constitution. COED | WORKBOOK $12 | LED BY THE RUSSELLS

Grateful: Giving Thanks To God In All Things-

A grateful person begins with acknowledging how the One who owes us nothing has given us everything.  This study will help you develop a thankful heart that can be cultivated into a continual harvest of gratitude, regardless of circumstances.  Each week you’ll look at a profile of someone in the Bible with a grateful heart, find teaching from Scripture on gratefulness, focus on a Psalm of thanksgiving, and be encouraged to practice gratitude.  When you’re able to see the biblical basis of living with a grateful heart, you will be more motivated to thank God in all things. WOMEN | WORKBOOK $12 | LED BY BRENDA LADD


Elijah: Spiritual Stamina In Every Season Begins 9/12

In this study grounded in 1 and 2 Kings, we will examine the life of the prophet Elijah, an ordinary man who did extraordinary things for God in the midst of the highs and lows of life. We’ll learn some of the spiritual stamina secrets that helped him to hold on and persevere in faith, including practical habits related to making decisions, caring for the soul, accepting his circumstances, mentoring, and finishing well―which was his ultimate legacy.