We are not like family,
We are family!

Our children are a precious gift from God to be loved, protected, and taught God’s Word! We have outgrown our children’s area, with over 135 children coming through our doors weekly to learn about Jesus.  God has called us as a church to make more room for those who need to be shown the love of Jesus and need a church family. We are excited to offer you the opportunity to join in what God is doing!


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Project Updates:
  • Pre-construction projects are underway to prepare for the new building.
  • We need 1.1 million to get the loan and begin construction.
  • We have raised $491,661 to date.
  • We need $608,339 to meet our goal!
  • Want to join in on what God is doing here at GracePoint?
  • Almost doubles our children’s capacity on Sunday
  • Expands GraceKids Preschool by 3+ classrooms
  • Adds 60 paved parking spaces
  • Adds 5 additional adult classrooms
  • Creates a new junior high ministry space
  • Improved fenced in playground space
  • Enhanced safety & security features throughout
Click here to see a detailed floor plan:


Financial Questions?

Email info@gpf.church