C H U R C H   M E D I A


August 2023

Fearless Faith

“Fearless Faith” Exodus 4 by Ivan Bychkov

Jesus’ Power Secret

“Jesus’ Power Secret” John 13:33-14:14

What Is Required To Have Eternal Life?

“What is Required to Have Eternal Life?” Ephesians 2:8-9 & Mark 1:15

Is Jesus The Only Way To God?

“Is Jesus The Only Way To God?” John 14:6 & John 8:23-24

July 2023

Important Issues of Our Faith

“Important Issues of Our Faith” Matt. 25:31-33, 41 & 46; Romans 1

Is The Bible God’s Word?

“Is The Bible God’s Word?” Heb. 4:12; Matt. 4:4; John 1:1

God’s Plan For Husband and Wife

“God’s Plan For Husband and Wife” Ephesians 5:22-33

Beyond These Walls

“Beyond These Walls” Mark 16:15 & Acts 8:1-8

The Gospel Of Jesus

“The Gospel of Jesus” Romans 1:16, Pastor Nathan Sliter”.

June 2023

Let Them Come To Me

“Let Them Come To Me” Mark 10:13-16

Fathers, Our Spiritual Leaders

“Fathers, Our Spiritual Leaders” Genesis 1:27

The Next Generation

“The Next Generation” Judges 2:6-14

One + One = One

“One + One = One” Matt. 19:4-6; Gen. 2:18-24
The first 3 minutes of the message is a silent wedding.

May 2023

Superficial to Supernatural

“Superficial to Supernatural” Galatians 5:16-17

Marching Orders

“Marching Orders” Mark 6:7-13

Jesus is Our Resting Place

“Jesus is Our Resting Place” Matt. 11:28-30

Psalm 139

“Psalm 139” 05/07/2023

April 2023

Are You Ready?

“Are You Ready?” Psalm 103:13-17

Keys to Worthy Worship

“Keys to Worthy Worship” Malachi 1:6-2:2

One Thing

“One Thing” Psalm 27 & Luk 10:38-42