May 2022

The Not So Good Samaritan Pt 2

“The Not So Good Samaritan Pt 2” John 4:16-42

April 2022

The Resurrection and The Life

“The Resurrection and The Life” John 11:25-26

From Hosanna to the Cross

“From Hosanna to the Cross” The Lord’s Supper

The Narrow Gate

“The Narrow Gate” Matt. 7:13-14

March 2022

PRAYER: The Remedy for the Judgement Dilemma

“PRAYER: The Remedy for the Judgement Dilemma” Matt. 7:1-12

Treasure in Heaven

“Treasure in Heaven” Matt 6:19-20

Worry Pt 2

“Worry Pt 2” Sermon on the Mount Series

February 2022


“Worry” Matt. 6:25-32 Sermon on the Mount Series

Do You Know

“Do You Know” 1 John 5:13 Gary Ladd

The Father Who Ran Pt 3

“The Father Who Ran Pt 3” Restoring Relationships

January 2022

The Father Who Ran Pt 2

“The Father Who Ran Pt 2” Restoring Relationships

The Father Who Ran (Restoring Relationships)

“The Father Who Ran” (Restoring Relationships) Luke 15:11-32 & 1 Cor. 15:34

Unlikely Heroes: Rahab Pt 2

“Unlikely Heroes: Rahab Pt 2

An Unlikely Hero: Rahab

“An Unlikely Hero: Rahab” Josh 2; Heb. 11:31; Matt. 1:5

December 2021

Christmas Lord’s Supper Service

“Christmas Lord’s Supper Service”

Lessons from Mary & Joseph

“Lessons from Mary & Joseph” Luke 1:26-33

Keeping Your Christmas Joy

“Keeping Your Christmas Joy” Luke 1:46-54 Gary Ladd

November 2021

Slaying the Giant of Resentment

“Slaying the Giant of Resentment” 1Kings 2:5-6 & 1 Cor. 13:5

Five Keys to Giving Thanks

“Five Keys to Giving Thanks” Gary Ladd Psalm 100

The Salt of the Earth

“The Salt of the Earth” Matthew 5:13 Gary Ladd